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I-ACT - International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy

Bre’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in both fields of Psychology and Sociology, with additional emphasis in Biology and Human Anatomy & Physiology. Her healthcare experience began in the animal world as a Veterinary Technician, then transitioned into human health care, managing a chiropractic and holistic health clinic.  She loves people and animals and her hobbies include drawing, painting, bowling, eating and spending time in nature.

In 2006, she began her journey to discover the amazing healing abilities of our bodies and the role our gut health plays in achieving overall wellness. Through her own personal journey of healing from a lifetime of digestive problems, she worked with a Naturopath who referred her to Colon Hydrotherapy. She then experienced the life-changing and healing effects of Colon Hydrotherapy first-hand. She has become an advocate and firm believer that true healing begins with a clean colon!

Her mission is to provide quality care and education in a safe and nurturing environment, while maintaining the dignity of the client.


Dee has degrees in both Biology and Metaphysics, is a public speaker, entrepreneur and former classroom teacher. She is also certified in Laughter Yoga and Yoga Therapy. She enjoys writing, reading, hiking and just hanging with her family.  

Dee’s lifelong mission to inspire others to be healthy culminated with her career as a certified Colon Hydrotherapist.  She has discovered colon hydrotherapy can be the missing link in the mind, body, spirit connection. Call today to experience why she believes a happier life starts with a clean colon.


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