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Dee is fabulous, knowledgeable and makes you feel super comfortable. Great experience, and a must try for those on the fence!

Stevie P.

San Diego, CA



I had my final therapy with Dee today (total of 3) and I highly recommend Dee as the therapist  to see.  I felt the change in my body immediately; more hydrated, back to zero bloating, as well as an emotional release. Each session brought about a new "ah-ha" for me. Dee is the most down-to-earth, well grounded, thoughtful person you would ever hope to meet. Dee is so well liked and recommended, she is often booked out weeks in advance.

Dee's therapy space is very inviting and Spiritual-lish-ish (new word?).  The natural flow of conversation is like a coaching session.  Dee is some one that makes you feel comfortable instantly.  She also incorporates the use of crystals, aromatherapy and reflexology in the session.  

So maybe check out the video on her website explaining how the "open" system she uses is the most comfortable and effective.  

Laurel H.

Tempe, AZ


My experience with Dee started in October 2013 when I began reading a book by Kimberly Snyder called “The Beauty Detox Solution”.  I was really dedicating myself to eating mostly fruits and veggies; shakes, fresh juice, salads, etc.  As I read the book closely, I realized I was well on my way to detoxing, but I was not yet cleansing.  Detoxing without cleansing=BAD. A gassy, bloated, headache, toxic situation.  I called Dee for the first time, in which she was so kind and talked me through my situation.  I had my first appointment with her within a few days. 

Let me just say that I am so thankful I got past my initial embarrassment over “pooping” in the same room with someone, because it was one of the BEST discoveries of my life.  I felt relief.  I felt clean.  I felt energetic.   Dee shared many brilliant yet simple insights about digestion and overall health with me.  I wish I had found Dee sooner. I know that entering the world of colon hydrotherapy would not be the great experience it was without Dee.  I would not entertain having a colonic with anyone else – period.   I am thankful that my research and intuition lead me to her. I have since had roughly 7 or 8 more sessions, and plan on going in once a month to maintain a clean and healthy body.

To all considering colon hydrotherapy: JUST DO IT.  You will not regret cleansing your colon with water.  You will not regret eliminating toxins. Plus, it really does make going to the bathroom on your own much easier. If you are ready to take the plunge, do it with Dee.  She is so knowledgeable and easy to be comfortable with.  Plus, she has the best equipment (Angel of Water) in Arizona, which makes the hydrotherapy experience MUCH easier and more effective at cleaning you out.

I have since recommended Dee to all of my friends and family, and would like to do the same with those who may be searching as I once was.


Laura S.

Gilbert, AZ

This was such a wonderful experience... my first of many colonics.  I was in my Holistic Nutrition class, taught by a well-known author. She herself discussed the importance of colonics in class.  Then, my classmate next to me (who is a raw food chef for an alternative cancer treatment center) mirrored the importance of colonics, raving about  Dee Munsterman.  Our teacher could not solicit or mention anyone, but I later learned that Dee Munsterman is her colon hydrotherapist (CHT) as well!  Any way, after learning all in class I had to try.  I had "Detox"ed before but still wondered what could exist from decades of eating chemically processed, pesticide-ridden, sugar-loaded CRAP (Cruel, Refined, Artificial, Processed) food...

Once I got there, Dee approached and just had the warmest smile and the coolest shirt!  It had a stick figure that celebrated "I POOPED TODAY".  Dee was very professional, and the shirt was just the most comforting thing for me to see.  It showed her humor, and just how comfortable she was with what is a natural process. I immediately felt less embarrassed about the whole ordeal and at ease as I am a bit of a witty person myself!

For someone who is quite a "clean eater", I still had a lot of "matter" that was obviously stuck to my intestinal lining and never eliminated despite my juice detox the week prior.  Now, you don't have to juice, but  if you do prior, the chances of getting further into the lining might be possible.  The cool part is that I know very little about this...and Dee explained it all in a light, fun, informative way. It exceeded my expectations and I feel so much lighter and cleaner. My energy levels were through the roof, and I even felt enlightened.  Somewhat euphoric and just "feel good" because I was taking care of my body and hadn't felt that clean ever before.  Like a level of health we should feel daily, but have gotten so far from in society with the Standard American Diet (SAD).  Please consider at the very least, calling Dee. She'll make you feel as if you are her only client, giving you her undivided attention in a charismatic, genuine and knowledgeable way!

Darla S.

Phoenix, AZ

This was quite an experience.  I felt so much energy after completing 3 colonics 3 weeks apart.  If you think it's gross than you have to remember the alternative is all of that waste staying inside your body...THAT"s gross.  It's a wonderful detoxification of the liver!  I am going to start going monthly!

Sharon S.

Chicago, IL

Yay!  I love Dee!  She is very knowledgable and makes you feel right at home.  

This is the first time I've tried an open system other than Libbe equipment, but it is just as excellent.  

If you feel like crap and don't know why, it's probably because you are full of it.  :)

red z.

Phoenix, AZ

First to Review I first met Dee at a school fair where she had a booth set up and we chatted a bit about colonics.  I had been feeling some abdominal discomfort lately and I knew it was time to do something about it.  I waited a few weeks and the pain got worse, and I finally made an appointment to see Dee right before Xmas.  This was my first colonic.  Dee's system is state of the art, and she made me feel incredibly comfortable.  Dee and I made some interesting discoveries  in my poop (parasites) and she made sure to follow up with me afterwards to see how things were going.  At the end of the colonic Dee gives you a probiotic pill and a coconut water before sending you on your way, to make sure you start getting back the good stuff that you lost during the colonic.  I dropped five pounds of poop that day.  Dee offers cleansing programs and package deals, but never pressures you to buy.


Chandler, AZ


Hi Dee,

I am writing this letter to thank you for providing a service that has literally turned my life around!

I’ve been suffering from chronic constipation for 20 years, and that certainly played a part in the diverticulitis that led to a 10” colon resection in 2009.  And since the surgery I continued to have issues due to my diet and my inability to change it thus far.  Things got so bad back in June of 2012 that I began taking a laxative once a week just to clean myself out after building up for a whole week with very little voiding on my own.

In October 2012, I supposed that becoming a Vegan might help and I attended a Raw Vegan cooking class where 10 minutes was devoted to something called Colonics. Everybody in the room seemed to know what it was and snickered…I waited to get home where I Googled it, and snickered as well.  I work in an ’Alpha Male’ industry and I could easily imagine the fun my buddies would have if they ever found out what I was contemplating.

Since then, a divorce added to the stress and my diet hadn’t changed.  I became desperate for relief and this time, Googled ‘Colonics Phoenix’ and your facility came up in the Ads section.  When I clicked on the link and your site appeared, I immediately jumped to the videos since I REALLY needed as much visual as I could get!  After watching the 45 second, 3D “Product” video in which they used a Male figure, I was ready to watch your 4 minute video.

Dee, I don’t know who produced your video, or how you generated the content, but the manner with which you approached every facet of an uncomfortable proposition, was stellar.  You gave me the feeling that there was NOTHING that could happen during our session that I should be ashamed of or that you’d not seen hundreds of times in your career.  As soon as the video was finished, I had TOTAL clarity as to how I needed to proceed.  I called you, left a message and by the time you called back within a few hours, I was certain that this journey was going to be very rewarding.

On the way to your office, I became acutely aware that my positive mental attitude was going to make this new journey a success!  Notwithstanding the steps I had to take in preparing for something I’d never done before, once I was ‘seated in the cockpit’ for about 2 minutes, I was completely at ease.  Your style in offering privacy or companionship was spot on, and in line with your personality as seen in the video.

Dee, when I left your office, I felt like I also left behind MUCH emotional baggage and I spent the rest of the day and the next 3 days, experiencing an energy and health I hadn’t felt in years. I have no doubt that your treatment awakened my ‘system’ and I am now on the road back to intestinal health.

Thank you SO much, and I’ll be back!

red z.

Phoenix, AZ


I first met Dee at a school fair where she had a booth set up and we chatted a bit about colonics.  I had been feeling some abdominal discomfort lately and I knew it was time to do something about it.  I waited a few weeks and the pain got worse, and I finally made an appointment to see Dee right before Xmas.  This was my first colonic.  Dee's system is state of the art, and she made me feel incredibly comfortable.  Dee and I made some interesting discoveries  in my poop (parasites) and she made sure to follow up with me afterwards to see how things were going.  At the end of the colonic Dee gives you a probiotic pill and a coconut water before sending you on your way, to make sure you start getting back the good stuff that you lost during the colonic.  I dropped five pounds of poop that day.  Dee offers cleansing programs and package deals, but never pressures you to buy.

L. Orlando

Ahwatukee, AZ


At the end of every year like many of us do I create a list of goals to be accomplished in the coming year. This year I wrote, "try a colonic" under my health category. I made the appointment and I kept it. I am so glad I did!

Naturally I was nervous, but after the first 10 minutes in Dee's presence I was completely at ease. Dee has a kind and gentle nature, comfortable to be around. She is professional and gave clear instruction so I new exactly what to expect. Dee's office is  very clean and smells nice, not at all clinical, more  a spa environment. And oh.....the colon hydrotherapy equipment? State of the art!  No doubt it's, "The Rolls Royce Edition". I was impressed with the whole thing. Glad that I was somehow led to this office and to Dee Munsterman! 

I feel buoyant, lighter after each session, my BM's are regular, and I am now taking the recommended  probiotic and digestive enzymes. I feel better, my tummy is soft and smooth and my yoga practice has improved. The results have been more than I imagined or even expected. I will recommend this service to anyone looking to improve their over all well being.

Like they say out with The Old!  Happy New Year!     



Cindy K.

Ahwatukee, AZ


I had my first colon hydrotherapy session ever with Dee a couple of months ago. I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and was having a very prolonged and painful episode brought on by the stress of my recent move. Dee was so incredibly understanding and gentle while helping me through the session. I left feeling so much better and have not had another attack since. I had a second treatment a few weeks ago and have noticed that my skin is much clearer, with no acne outbreaks. I highly recommend colon hydrotherapy with Dee!

Brit W.

Phoenix, AZ


I had never had a colonic before in my life and I decided to bite the bullet and not only try a colonic, but also to do at as part of a 7-day detox fast and cleanse.    In order to do it right, Dee ordered a vitamin supplement kit from Sonne's and then conducted a daily hydro-colonic to clean the intestines of all the junk that had collected in there over 20 years of bad eating habits.

It was was an unbelievably powerful experience.  If you thinking that not eating for 7 days is hard... of course it is.  But when you mix in a daily dose of Dee's compassion, professionalism and true interest in her clients, it becomes easy!  During the course of the treatment not only did I clear out my systems of all sorts of toxins, but I also shed 17 pounds and kicked my addictions to poor food, beer and coffee.    

I should have done this years ago.  

The actual colonics is easy.  This is not about someone attaching a bag to a rack and dripping it into you.  It couldn't be farther from that.  Dee has invested in a terrific piece of advanced technology which essentially is a colonic couch... you barely notice the colonics itself and you couldn't be more comfortable..  

Let's face it, talking about colonics is not something guys normally share with their friends... but my experience with Dee was so incredibly positive that I have become an evangelist among all my friends and telling them how they need to do it too.

So if you are serious about getting and staying healthy... go get a regimen of hydro-colonics done... and do it at Dee's establishment.  You can't go wrong.

Dee M.

Tempe, AZ


I've been getting colon hydrotherapy for years, but the colonic I got from Dee Munsterman was the best experience I've ever had. She is very knowledgeable and explained everything so well, better than any of the previous colon hydrotherapists I've been to.  And the type of machine she uses is comfortable and refreshing. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a comfortable and relaxing colon hydrotherapy experience.

Danielle H.

Phoenix, AZ


I've been to Dee Munsterman several times for colon hydrotherapy and she is amazing! She makes you feel 100% comfortable. She is also loving and kind and just fun to be around. I did a 7 day cleanse with her and she was one of the best supporters i could ask for. I would recommend her for colon hydrotherapy a million times over.

Tiffany V.

Scottsdale, AZ


I recently was hospitalized with what the neurologist believed was viral meningitis.  i was in the hospital for a week given lots of medication, I couldn't eat and so obviously didn't go to the bathroom.  I had never had colon hydrotherapy before, but after a week in the hospital I felt toxic, weak and foggy.  It was 2 days before I suppose to travel with 2 small children for Thanksgiving.  I really wanted to go and to just feel better!  I had an idea that colon hydrotherapy may help to get rid of all the toxins introduced in the hospital and from the virus.  On Sunday morning I called Dee and she was amazing.  She agreed to meet me that afternoon.  I drove from North Scottsdale to Tempe just to meet her!  I had no expectations and honestly felt horrible still so modesty was out the window!  I was pleasantly surprised that it was very private and I did not feel uncomfortable at all.  Dee was wonderful explaining everything and helping me to feel comfortable.  The next morning I lost 7 pounds!  All the swelling in my face was gone and felt more energy than I had felt in over a week.  Since my appointment I have also researched the equipment she uses.  Compared to other people I have spoke with who have had colon hydrotherapy, I can say that Dee's equipment, The Angel of Water is very high end equipment.  I will continue driving 40 minutes to see her and feel grateful I found her.   I am now a believer in Colon Hydrotherapy and will be doing cleanses frequently with Dee.

Jaime P.

Phoenix, AZ


Dee is such a blessing! She spends time getting to know you first, asking many health questions, making you feel at ease. She explained the process to me in detail and answered all my questions! During the process, she is with you, rubbing your feet, talking you through what is going on and helping you better understand your own body. I never thought I'd say this...but I can't wait to go again! I felt fantastic afterwards and I really love Dee!

Charles M.

Phoenix, AZ


Originally when considering Colon Hydrotherapy, I must admit... it seemed like a perfect set-up for feeling embarrassed, awkward and uncomfortable!  However, it was none of those things!  Dee is a master at what she does and because she is so committed to health and a healthy clean colon... she makes you feel amazingly at ease.  It has been very helpful for helping to resolve some digestive issues and is a great energy boost on top of that!  I would highly recommend!

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