About Us

Michele, Bre, Anna, and Patrick are certified by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy

Michele Kalo

Michele Kalo has been an educator since 1998 earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music Education. She is K-12 certified in Music and Physical Education and serves on the faculty of the Maricopa Community College District.

For nearly a decade, Michele has dedicated herself to following a health and wellness path through numerous modalities including colonics, acupuncture, restorative yoga practices, hiking, myofascial release massage, and a primarily plant-based diet. Michele loves playing, creating and jamming to music, playing with four-legged furry friends, and the sound of the dirt crunching underfoot on a trail.

Michele’s motto is borrowed from a long-time friend: “Together we make each other better!” Call today to experience why she believes a happier life starts with a clean colon.

Bre Fishburn

Bre’s educational background includes a double Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology, with additional emphasis in Human Anatomy & Physiology. She has a professional background as a veterinary technician, a chiropractic assistant and manager of a holistic health clinic.  She loves people and animals and spends her free time making visual art and exploring in nature.

Through her own personal journey of healing from a lifetime of digestive problems, she finally discovered Colon Hydrotherapy in 2015. She then experienced the life-changing and healing benefits of colon cleansing first-hand and has since become passionate about helping others achieve greater health with a clean colon!

You can contact Bre directly at (847) 997-4986 or at [email protected].


Dr. Anna-Maria DeCarolis

Anna-Maria DeCarolis is a Naturopathic Doctor who assists her patients with achieving their best quality of life. In 2014, she became certified as a colon hydrotherapist and continued her education in this field until 2017 when she became an Instructor for Colon Hydrotherapy. In 2017 Anna also received her Bachelor of Science in Biology, Pre-Medicine. She then went on to study for her doctorate at Sonoran University of Health Sciences, where she graduated in 2021 as a part of the Community Medicine Honors Track.

Preventative healthcare is her passion both with her career and her home life. Outside of the office Anna regularly brings herbal medicine practices into her home. She enjoys everything from harvesting plants while hiking, to making her own herbal extracts. Often, she will be experimenting in the kitchen, incorporating her love of plants with her love of cooking. When you see her for a visit, make sure to ask what recipes she has been trying out!

Patrick Sheridan

Patrick Sheridan has more than 30 years of experience as a university professor, business owner, and entrepreneur. His studies culminated with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan. He has served on the faculties of The Rotterdam Conservatory, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, ASU, and most recently at UCLA.

At the birth of his first child in 2000, Patrick weighed almost 400 pounds and was on a path to certain illness. His desire to be able to run and play with his children inspired him to start a journey towards better health. Today he lives on a mainly plant-based diet and manages his health with fasting, colonics, yoga, myofascial release massage, and lots of laughter.

He is the co-creator of the worldwide best-selling breathwork series, The Breathing Gym. The Breathing Gym® is a somatic educational system that aims to improve physical function and movement through breathing exercises and directed attention. Millions of people around the world use these exercises every day to breathe more freely and reduce stress. Patrick has taught thousands of artists to be calm under pressure to maximize their performance on stage. He is looking forward to achieving the same calm for you and your colon by sharing the connection between a clean colon and better health.